We are expanding our range of parts and accessories. Why should these old cars which were decades ahead of their time in 1970 be consigned to the past?  Let's keep our Rebel Machines relevant and happening!


Body Panels

New sheet metal has been unavailable for Rebel Machines or any other American Motors product since 1987 except for the odd pieces "archived" by former employees and those buying job lots from decommissioned AMC dealerships or entrepreneurs going way beyond the extra mile to store them - often risking the family cash to do it. Those far-sighted, intrepid heroes have kept many of us going while a way was found to make new parts in the total absence of the big punch presses the factory used which are now at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

I'm pleased to say that I've joined forces with a company that makes sheet metal for other brands. They make, I sell. They have made AMC parts before and have done a sterling job. They have been making custom parts for many decades and can make most of the sheet metal we need except roofs and front fenders. New AMC sheet metal parts will be available exclusively through this site.

Unlike the other guys, I don't care whether your car is a Machine or a Pacer. My passion is to help restore Machines. But owners of other models need help too so I'm hoping we can do business and bring some glorious cars back to life.


Materials Used:

  • 18 Gauge sheet steel the same quality as is used on new cars for sheet metal parts,
  • 14 Gauge sheet steel for frame rails

Blanks We have on hand to create New Parts:

  2. Trunk floor with back of diff hump and complete rear fascia
  3.  NOS right rear quarter
  4.  Rusty RWB Left rear quarter
  5.  Front Frame Rails 
  6.  Inner Ffenders
  7. Upper Fender Troughs 
  8. Entire architecture for front fascia for headlight pots
  9. Rocker panels, inner and outer
  10. An entire Rebel SST that can be cut apart and put back together to get any other parts we need. 

Photos of New Parts:

As new parts are made, I'll post them here. Check back from time to time to see what's been done. 

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